Get ready for GOLF!!!!!

Posted March 26, 2014

Sorry that it’s been so long since we updated. Over the winter months, we have been busy…

This picture was taken after a wind storm this winter and when I came in on Monday, I had to crawl up to dig out the door knob to get into the shop.  While this year has been extremely cold, we haven’t had nearly the amount of snow as last year.  This time last year we were still receiving a lot of snow, but the most recent forecast I saw doesn’t show a lot of chance for snow on the horizon.  We opened in early May, the latest opening for Wildflower in it’s 20 years.  This year, weather permitting, will be quite a different story.  Even though we are still below seasonal averages, I am optimistic in saying that spring is just around the corner.  We have had some really nice days lately, followed by another snow event that covered all of the exposed turf out on the course.  I took a walk last week around the course to see just how things were melting off and I was pleased to see what we were uncovering.  Many of the greens are still under a lot of snow, but that is a very good thing.  With this winter’s brutal cold, the turf was under heavy insulation during the coldest months, and with no mid-season melt, there is little ice laying under the snow.

We will update you all as to how our snow removal efforts are coming along in the next few weeks.



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