Wildflower Club Rules & Regulations

In order to enhance the golf experience and safety of all persons and guests at Wildflower Golf Course (the “Wildflower”), the following rules and regulations (“Club Rules”) shall govern the actions and conduct of all members and their guests at Wildflower.

Use of Facilities
Member is entitled to use and enjoyment of Wildflower, subject to the terms and restrictions of the applicable membership plan, these Club Rules, and such other restrictions or limitations as may be imposed from time-to-time by management. All modifications to rules will be appropriately distributed to members. The following list is not meant to be all encompassing. We reserve the right to deny you any services or tee times should your conduct toward other guests or members of staff become improper, distasteful, or dangerous.

Players must check-in with the Golf Shop at all times and sign for a golf cart at all times a golf cart is used. Failure to check-in with the golf shop may result in a loss of membership.

The rotation given must be followed at all times. This is to ensure all members and guests have a great experience while playing Wildflower.

Failure to check-in with the golf shop may result in a loss of membership.

Wildflower reserves the right to host special events and golf tournaments. Such events may partially or completely restrict the availability of golf course starting times and any or all Wildflower facilities, including, but not limited to use of the clubhouse, snack bar, practice range, and the golf course itself. Wildflower shall have no liability for the temporary suspension of any privilege due to maintenance, repair, construction, improvements, acts of God, inclement weather, utility disruptions, or any and all other matters beyond the control of Wildflower.

Reservation Policies
The Member shall make prior reservations for tee times according to the applicable Member’s plans. Wildflower will honor walk-in reservations based upon course availability. Tee times require a credit card on file. Cancellation for tee times must be a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a charge to your credit card on file for the green fees cost for the number of tee times reserved. Cancellations of tee times or short shows must be made over the phone with the golf shop during golf shop hours. You may not cancel a tee time through voicemail or email.

All players must check in at the golf shop at least five (5) minutes prior to a reserved starting time. Failure to do so may result in a cancellation or delay of the tee time if other parties are prepared to play or on standby.

Guest Policies
Wildflower encourages members to invite guests to the course. All guest fees are payable at the time of play. Guest passes and discounts may not be in effect for tournaments or special events. Please refer to your selected membership package terms for guest discounts.

While we love dogs, dogs are strictly forbidden on the golf course and from riding in golf carts. Please utilize other areas nearby to exercise and spend time with your companion.

While we do not encourage music, we do ask that if you choose to listen to music that the volume be kept at a reasonably low level and should only be heard while in your own cart. We will not allow personal music devices to be played around the clubhouse or patio.

Pace of Play
We know the importance of your time. Players are required to keep pace with the group in front of them at all times and/or to complete 18 holes in four hours and fifteen minutes, whichever is quicker. Pace of play for nine holes is two hours. Rangers will assist when necessary.

Use of Golf Carts
Golf carts are a large contributor to turf wear and tear. Golf carts are to be driven in accordance with applicable cart restrictions at all times, and otherwise in a safe and controlled manner. I agree & understand I will be charged for any damages that are sustained while the golf cart is in my possession. Violations of the golf cart use agreement may result in loss of playing privileges,

Damage to a golf cart is the responsibility of the driver of the golf cart. This is no different than renting a car from an agency, if you damage it, you will be responsible for the cost to repair. It is mandatory that golf carts stay on the cart paths, when available, on all par 3s. Golf carts are allowed on the fairways of all par 4s and 5s at a 90 degree angle from the ball to the cart path. Carts must be kept a minimum of 30 feet (10 Big Steps!) from all greens. Golf carts are not allowed on or near tee boxes. Avoid all standing water in the fairway and rough when conditions are wet.  Inclement weather or other conditions may evoke further cart restrictions. The staff will notify players of any temporary restrictions, but players are expected to refrain from driving golf carts where it may damage the golf course. Privately owned golf carts are subject to Wildflower’s standard golf cart rider rates and rules. No more than two riders and two golf bags per cart. Golf cart drivers must be a minimum of sixteen years of age or possess a valid driver’s license.

Two golf carts will be available for a foursome, two carts for a threesome, and one cart for a twosome. Any other accommodations must be purchased from the golf shop.

Transfer and Revocations
Membership privileges are personal to the Member and may not be sold, transferred, or otherwise assigned in any manner. The management of Wildflower may revoke any membership without notice if a member violates any terms of the membership plan, general policies of Wildflower and/or these Club Rules, as the same may be hereafter modified. No portion of any fees paid is refundable upon revocation. Club Rules may change from time to time at the discretion of management. All memberships expire at the end of the current year’s golf season, which will be announced by Wildflower management.

Payment of Fees and Charges
Membership fees are due and payable at the time the membership contract is signed. All memberships are non-refundable. For those with charging privileges, a valid card (Visa or MasterCard) must be left on file at Wildflower.

Dress Code
All players must wear soft spikes or spikeless footwear. Proper golf attire is required. Cut-off shorts, gym shorts, tank tops, halter-tops, and swimwear are not allowed on the golf course or in the clubhouse at any time. Shirts must be worn at all times.

Outside Beverages
Food and beverages are not permitted on Wildflower unless purchased from Wildflower’s Snack Bar, Wildflower’s Beverage Cart, or Fair Hills Resort. Private coolers are not permitted and may be confiscated. Members will be refused play and the privileges will be lost if any policies stated herein are not adhered to. Bringing alcohol to our facility is strictly prohibited and against the law. We do understand that we may not always have a selection that you desire, please let us know and we will happily do our best to accommodate you.

Severe Weather
Wildflower does not possess an inclement weather warning or detection system. Golfers are advised that they play at their own risk and Wildflower is under no obligation to warn, retrieve, and/or remove anyone from the golf course due to inclement weather, including lightning.

Golfers may suspend their round at any time upon their own determination of the dangers of existing, impending or threatened inclement weather and golfers may be eligible for a rain check. Wildflower is not responsible for injuries or damage resulting from inclement weather.

Indemnification for Damage
Member shall be responsible for all damages and personal injury caused by the Member, the Member’s family, or any guest of the member and the member shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Wildflower against any claims.

General Limitations
Wildflower shall have no liability for the physical damage, theft, or loss to any personal property of Member or Member’s guests in any way arising from the use of Wildflower facilities, to the greatest extent allowed by law.

General Code of Conduct
While at Wildflower, Member shall conduct himself or herself in a manner that is not abusive, combative or disruptive to other players or staff.  Wildflower Golf Course is a family friendly environment and we do not allow offensive language, gestures or behavior. Please be respectful of others and use good judgment in all public areas.We reserve the right to refuse service or admittance to anyone.

Golf Club Management
Wildflower management is free to run the club at its discretion. A membership at Wildflower provides the Member with certain privileges to use but does not grant the Member any ownership interest in Wildflower, or any input into the management of Wildflower.

If you have a serious concern or conflict with any staff member at Wildflower Golf Course, please direct your concerns to the General Manager. We are committed to all of our golf guests having a positive experience.

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